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Kia’s FR Dance is Reno's most diverse and contemporary dance studio
, offering dance classes in all styles, at all levels and for all ages. In addition to dance, we have musical theater, show choir (Glee), parkour, aerial silks, basic tumbling, and a special needs program. Class Descriptions
We are a friendly, family-oriented studio located in South Reno, proud of our happy, creative, whimsical, and encouraging environment. We do our best to make sure it’s inherently positive nature is maintained from teachers to students to parents alike, exemplified by our motto: "Dance Hard, Laugh Loud."

With the largest staff of 15 talented teachers in Reno, dancers are promised a well-rounded education in all areas of the performing arts from beginning to professional. Most of our teachers are current/former professional performers that have extensive training and vast stage experience, bringing their expertise and knowledge to the classroom. Teachers page

Our 5,400+ square ft. facility has three studios with sprung wood floors, designed specifically for dance and exercise, 27-foot high ceilings, mirrors, stage lighting, independent heating & air conditioning, and observation windows (yes, you are always welcome to watch).

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Broadway Comes to the Biggest Little City

FR Dance was honored to host master classes for "Broadway Comes to the Biggest Little City" on March 16 & 17, 2013. The musical theater intensive was sponsored by Angel Reed and her non-profit organization Studio 7Arts. The classes were taught by an extraordinary staff of professional performers that have their fingers on the pulse of what is happening right now on Broadway and in television.

In addition to Angel Reed, the stellar staff included Becca Tobin (from the TV hit GLEE and Broadway), Ericka Hunter (from the TV hit SMASH, and also Broadway), and Lauren Schmidt (HBO, MTV, Las Vegas Divas).

Click here to see the workshop highlighted on The Plush Life, hosted by Jenifer Rose


Someone 2 Know

We are honored to be the only dance studio in Northern Nevada that offers a dance program for the Special Needs community. Our SN dance class was recently highlighted on KTVN’s television spot “Someone 2 Know.”

Below is the text from the video:

Many parents out there know Miss Kia Crader. She is an accomplished dancer who owns Fascinating Rhythm School of Performing Arts in south Reno. One thing you may not know about her is that she has always had a passion for children with special needs. Both her sons, Sean and Lane Saunders, have a heart for them as well. So, the family is using their gift of dance to move the kids forward.

Children like Carly Beeg converge on the dance school every Saturday. Carly has Down syndrome and loves to dance. She was one of Miss Kia's first dancers with special needs."She loves the stage," Carly's mom, Gina Beeg told us. "She's done about seven or eight recitals now and as soon as one's over, she starts talking about the one for the next year."

Gina approached Kia several years ago with another mother and asked about the possibility of a dance class for their daughters. Kia did not hesitate and added the class for people ofall levels and abilities.

Kia's sons, who both work with special needs children outside of the dance school, took thereins of this program, too. "All right, do you want to do your big jumps now, Carly?" asks Sean during class. She followed instruction and performed her jumps with ease. "That's what I want to see! Super job!"Carly's mom proudly watches her daughter improve every week. "Don't underestimate what our kids can do. Raise the bar. Let them participate. Let them show what they can do."

The weekly, 45-minute class focuses not just on dance, but improving gross motor skills, listening and following directions and it also fosters confidence among students. Some of the students can even skip now, which is a challenge for many people. Jordan Gunderson is 17 years old and just learned how to skip. Proudly, he asked me, "You saw it?" I saw it all right and was thoroughly impressed. "Is skipping hard?" I asked. With a big smile, Jordan replied, "No!"

While seeing progress made by students like Jordan and Carly is rewarding, what's most important to the dance teachers is to see the kids just being kids and celebrate life moving to music.

Kia says there is not another dance program like this in town. "There's nothing like this in northern Nevada. We're the only ones. Yes, I'm happy for that." Kia is also proud about how this program has grown. She hopes it will continue to attract special needs students and is willing to add another class to accommodate them. Also, since the cost of raising a child with special needs can be overwhelming, Kia is working to get sponsors for this program, so that tuition and costume fees are paid for.

Written by Kristen Remington


Here is an article in the Arts & Culture section of the local newspaper from this past fall

Kids who want to dance and perform are getting plenty of opportunities at local venues. Many of them who performed in holiday productions are students at Fascinating Rhythm School of Performing Arts.

Sixteen currently are in the Eldorado Showroom’s holiday production of “Aladdin.” Others were part of the Reno Philharmonic Orchestra’s “Spirit of the Season,” Sierra Nevada Ballet’s “Nutcracker” and the Reno Jazz Orchestra’s holiday performance. Read more...


Peter Pan

Kia's FR Dance was chosen as the exclusive studio to provide the children’s cast and pre- professional dancers for Big Family Entertainment’s hugely success shows that played for two holiday seasons at The Eldorado Showroom 2011/2012 (Peter Pan) and 2012/2013 (Aladdin). The shows were produced out of London, England, in conjunction with Jimmy Osmond (of the famously talented Osmond family).

We are extremely proud that our performing arts school was diligently selected to represent the entire cast of children and pre-professional dancers.

Get a sneak peek to see what it is like back stage from our youngest cast member, Natalie, and her mom, Chris, of the Aladdin show. Click here to go to her blog. This is a little bird's eye view of what it takes to be in a professional show! Natalie has been quite a trooper, not only doing her own spot in the show, but filling in for another. Much to my appreciation, Miss Natalie is learning how to swing a show at the ripe old age of 7 years!


ALADDIN The 3-D Adventure
Musical at the Eldorado

How exciting that another FR Dance project is on the cover of the RGJ's Sunday Life section: Aladdin! Sixteen of our student dancers were in it
(ages 7-15), and Miss JoAnna & I choreographed their "Pricetag" dance number. It was a great family show, with a good guy (Aladdin), a bad guy (Abanazer), a love interest (Jasmine), a funny guy (Ali Baba), and a magical Sultan. We also provided the pre-professional dancers. We are very proud of all of them! The 3-D effect (as shown on the cover) was great fun and had audience members ducking from flying boulders, rubbing the lamp, and flying on a magic carpet, all from their seats! It was a very unique live theater experience. And we were thrilled to be an integral part of it.
Here is a link for more information.


Rising Star

But wait, there’s more!
Here is a great article on Logan Strand
- one of FR's talented students that was also in the children's cast of Aladdin. I had the pleasure of watching him (several times) in the Radio City Music Hall Christmas spectacular when I visited NYC in 2010.
What an amazing experience for ANYONE, let alone a 9 year old (at the time).

A standing ovation from me to Logan. I am so proud of you!
XO, Miss Kia

To read the entire article on Logan, click here.


Get into the Spirit with FR Dance’s very own Reno Rockettes
(a.k.a Santa’s Tappers)
How exciting that a picture from last year's Rockette-style tap dancers was selected to be on the front cover of the Sunday newspaper's Life section! We have danced for the Reno Philharmonic Orchestra for several years now and are flattered to have become somewhat of a regular guest. We have performed under the direction of conductors Barry Jekowsky, Laura Jackson, and guest conductor Dr. Jason Altieri.


A Very Special Christmas Party

Here are some pictures of FR Dance's recent annual VSCP, where our Special Needs dancers, their family and friends celebrate Christmas at the studio in style – and with a surprise visit from Santa Claus! Santa called every attendee up by name and personally handed them a gift right off their list. It was magical! There were games, face painting, food and more.

My heartfelt thanks to Santa, Mrs. Claus, and Santa's lovely helper, Miss Adreana! It was a festive evening full of much merry-making! Happy Holidays to Everyone!
XOXO, Miss Kia

To see more pictures of the VSCP, please click here


Hollywood Workshops

Occasionally, we hold a Hollywood workshop series where young, aspiring Stars learned about Hollywood's Hey-Day (watching and studying movies of the by-gone era of great entertainers such as Gene Kelly, Shirley Temple, Bo Jangles, Julie Andrews, et al), learned musical-style songs and dances, designed costumes, and more. At the end of the week, the young performers dressed in glamorous attire, ride in a limo around South Reno, to formally exit and walk the red carpet to the flashes of paparazzi (parents). The star-treatment affair is capped off by a performance and a Hollywood movie. It is a great, fun-filled way to teach younger generations about the lavish musical theater era.


Please Note:
In addition to our scheduled classes, our facility is available to rent for outside dance/exercise classes, master classes, rehearsals, birthday parties, business meetings, and private events. Studio Rental


We follow WCSD's traditional school year holiday schedule, with few exceptions (which will be posted and announced).
Confirmed holidays are:
Labor Day
Halloween/Nevada Day
Veterans' Day
Thanksgiving week
Christmas/Winter Break
Martin Luther King Day
President's Day
Easter/Spring Break
Memorial Day